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Spain's highly-unique civil procedure system requires counsel with the utmost expertise and experience. DR. SOLER, v. HOHENLOHE, ENGEL we promote and defend the interests of our clients, individual and corporate, in all types of judicial and extra-judicial proceedings. We provide representation in any legal proceeding a case may require including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial. Our services cover a variety of jurisdictions:

-Civil: We represent clients in a variety of disputes arising under corporate law including breach of contract, fraud, shareholder actions against directors, invasion of privacy and all other types of monetary claims for damages.

-Administrative: We provide representation in administrative proceedings involving labor, tax or immigration authorities and appeals against sanctions imposed. We also work in probate law including property and estate controversies.

-Criminal: We offer representation and defense for white-collar offenses such as bankruptcy fraud, malfeasance, misappropriation of funds, breach of fiduciary duty and concealment of assets.

-Bankruptcy: We offer legal services in crisis business situations including bankruptcy, loan restructuring and corporate reorganization.

-Dispute Resolution Our firm is very active in utilizing extra-judicial proceedings such as arbitration and mediation to resolve legal disputes at national and international levels. In the area of New Technologies, for example, we are members of the Catalan Software Development Arbitration Court.

In cooperation with our Financial and Banking Law Department, DR. SOLER, v. HOHENLOHE, ENGEL, has broad experience securing or recovering unpaid loans on behalf of foreign financial entities through the execution of loan guarantees, extra-judicial negotiation or by litigation.