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Law branches - Finance

DR. SOLER, v. HOHENLOHE, ENGEL provides legal advice to a wide-range of financial institutions conducting business and launching new products. Our firm has experience working with banks, savings institutions, leasing companies, fund managers, stock brokers, and other intermediaries. Our services include:

-Establishing branch offices or company representatives in Spain

-Fulfilling formalities required by government authorities, such as the Bank of Spain

-Providing cross-border services regulated by the EU legal framework

-Registering financial services and products with the appropriate government authority

-Promoting and marketing financial products, especially assisting foreign citizens residing in Spain

Our firm has ample experience advising listed companies in the area of stock issuances. We provide assistance in the structuring of initial public offerings (IPOs), public sale offers, and subscriptions. We complement these services by providing expert guidance in the area of good corporate governance and investor relations. These are offered in collaboration with Morrow & Company (see Economics & Financial field).