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Law branches - Labour / Immigration

The decision to invest or increase investment in a foreign country depends on several factors related to a country’s labor conditions. In today’s fast-changing global labor market, knowledge of this field is essential to ensure the success of a project. For this reason, quality legal advice on matters related to Employment Law has become the backbone of our services for businesses and corporate clients. Our main areas of expertise within this field include:

-Hiring and termination of company staff and management

-Enforcement of employment contracts

-Application of collective agreements


-Other contentious employment issues

We also have experience in personnel management, payroll administration, and we offer special assistance in managing and resolving the unique problems that arise in industries such as the automotive sector.

Our immigration practice is closely related to this. We are equipped to handle all the legal implications of hiring the services of foreign workers, including:

-Arranging work permits for company employees, independent contractors, and other self-employed workers

-Cross-border transfers of company employees

-Special assistance for business owners and foreign entrepreneurs